Frequently Asked Questions

What is TurboPLM™?
TurboPLM™ is the first of its kind, a product lifecycle management system specifically developed for the chemical industries.  

Who developed TurboPLM™?
TurboPLM™ is the flagship product of Takhus, LLC.  The company was co-founded by two industrial experts in Chemical Product Management processes and Information Technologies.  The team has a combined experience of more than 40 years.  

How is TurboPLM™ different from other PLM systems in the marketplace?
The readily available PLM systems have the one size fits all approach.  Although these PLM systems adequately support industries with numerous discrete components, they do not support industries, like Chemicals, which have only a few discrete components but significant complexity in other areas.  

What are the key features of TurboPLM™?
The system has several features over other similar systems which make it attractive to functions, such as, R&D, marketing, regulatory affairs, to name a few.  Couples of exemplary features are; Easy to understand step by step questionnaires Chemical regulatory inventory flags at the early stage of the product formulation

TurboPLM™ is the trademark product of Takhus, LLC